Load cell junction box

load cell junction box

Load cell junction box is widely used to connect multiple load cells and gives a summated signal output .The sensitivity difference of load cells can be trimmed seperately by corresponding potentiometer to minimize corner error. 

load cell summing box

Our junction box series include

Junction box for four load cells

Summing box for six load cells

Junction box for eight load cells

Signal summing box for ten load cells

Custom service is provided to meet all kinds of applications.

load cell signal summing box

--Screw terminal connectors for easy connection

--Signal trimming seperately for each chanel

--Cable gland for cable diameter 3.5~8mm

--Stainless steel housing for harsh environment

--IP65 ingress protection with rubber sealing

Load cell summing box is widely used for weighing platforms,truck scales,vessel weighing systems,hopper scales,tank weighing,batch weighing and other weighing systems where multiple load cell connection is involved.

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